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Your opinion is important to us.  Please feel free to submit comments about any story appearing in our newspaper or anything happening in our community.  We reserve the right to delete any comment from the forum, and will block members from commenting if necessary. No slanderous, libelous or malicious entries will be tolerated.


Visitor Comments

Submitted By: JohnSubmitted: 2/1/2010
The story of Pikeville raising electic another 7% is totally crazy every year they raise it. It is not the people of Pikeville's problem that the town does not know how to manage it's money they need to get out of the electric business and stop playing this rip-off game John Pikeville

Submitted By: Chad Submitted: 4/23/2010
The problem with the Pikeville board is that they vote on issues and do not see the long term consequences. The issue with raising the electric bill comes directly from the previous mismanagement of the contracts they hold. A budget for a town must be managed like any business. You cannot pay out more in utility usage and contracts than you are taking in, the money has to come from somewhere. The increase does not lead to a surplus of funds that hit the bottom line. The town has placed itself in a hole and the increase is just a small step to try to crawl out. It will take responsible citizens and town leadership to work through these issues together and make it out the other side.

Submitted By: JeffSubmitted: 11/22/2010
All elected officials if held to a balanced budget with ridged guidelines to follow, could be held accountable for expenditures. To precede my second point this would require more citizen involvement in prioritizing the budget. My second point borrow money with local bonds. This is local money with interest paid to local people. The town can pay interest to its citizens and it will bring the town and the community together. Even when high interest rates are used it going to stay in the community with its citizens. Jeff

Submitted By: James TaylorSubmitted: 8/10/2011
I know that we are in hard times and that there are many like me looking for work. I am a Fremont native. In these hard times we must help each other and help the ones who are less fortunate than you are. God is the answer and he is waiting on our prayers. He knows your needs and just wants to hear from you. In these hard times we need each other. You cant save the world but you can do your part in your community.

Submitted By: CorneliusSubmitted: 12/14/2014
Kudos, Mr. Merrill for your excellent and thought provoking editorial (December 11, 2014). As a pastor and former educator, I have seen the results of what adult's lack or love and willingness to take the time for children has produced. I applaud your efforts and want to stand with you. We all need to love our children better and spend more time investing in them instead of treating them as accessories in our lives. We owe them at least that much. Keep up the great work.

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